Mobile Banking: M-Banking

          Even for my final studies project, I searched for a topic about the development of mobile application. I found a project about an Android application: Facebook messenger. The company accepted my demand for the project. I started reading documents about Facebook SDK for Android to have an idea how to use it and what I can do with it. But the university refused that project because the final studies project is not individual and the company refused that another one work with me for the same project. Consequently, I started searching for another project. With my CV, I found another project fast. It was: THE DEVELOPMENT OF AN APPLICATION OF M-BANKING IN ANDROID AND WEBSITE J2EE. I met some developers in the company with my partners to talk about the project. It was so interesting. We chose to develop with java language, MySQL for the DATABASE and the company imposed the processes 2TUP.

Mobile Banking includes all techniques to conduct banking operations from a ‘mobile phone’.

M -Banking is divided into two applications:

  1. Application Android installed on an Android 2.2 mobile phone developed in java programming language. We used MySQL database and PHP programming language for communication between the Android application and database.
  2. J2EE platform accessible via Internet. From this platform the customer can download the Android application (mobileBanking.apk) and deactivate their profile m- Banking.

The administrator can respond to client requests from the platform after authentication. Insofar J2EE relies entirely on Java, it enjoys the advantages of this language, especially good portability and maintainability of code. In addition, the J2EE architecture based on separate components, interchangeable and distributed, which means:

  • It is easy to extend the architecture.
  • That system based on J2EE mechanisms may have high availability to ensure a good quality of service.
  • That the maintainability of applications is facilitated.

The client can:

  • Sign up for m- Banking application and have a profile to benefit all services M-Banking
  • Consult the “help” of the application to know how to use it.

The m-Banking client can:

  • Check the balance of the bank account
  • Transfer money from one bank account to another account at the same bank branch.
  • Request for check book for the 1st time
  • Renewal of check book
  • Submit request to recharge his phone balance via the agency
  • Consult the historic of his account

            It was a good experience. With that application we succeeded our studies with the mark “17.5/20 Very good”. We worked hard for a happy end.

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  1. well, it is not like that…am already half way done on mine!!you can check it out on git hub if you want….i want yours just to look at some database handling features!!!!

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