1st Android App: Calculator

After my participation in the first Tunandroid Anniversary on June 4th, 2011, I decided to be in the field of mobile application development. The guests convinced me of what they explained: the technology of the future will be mobile applications. So I start downloading videos, samples and articles to develop Android applications. After a few weeks, I developed my first Android application; it was a “calculator”. I used everything I learned in the books and everything I watched in the videos. I tried to put and to use all my knowledge and all my skills. Finally, I developed my 1st application. It was simple but it was amazing. I sent it to all my friends to try it and get their feedback. It is a good feeling when I see people using MY APPLICATION and say: “Great!”, “Wonderful!”, “Amazing!”, “How you can do something like that?” I was so proud and that feeling pushed me to develop more applications.

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