Pen&Paper on Google Play

            I am student at UQAM University, my classmates get used to using mobile application to take notes. We preferred to use mobile application on our android or IOS tablet because it is easier than using a pencil and copybook. Sometimes, we forget the pencil or the copybook but we rarely forget the tablet or the phone.

            The mobile applications designed to take notes are complicated, it takes time to know how to use it or the number of characters has a limit. So, I decided to develop a simple and effective android application that allows users to take notes easily and fast.

 Pen&Paper is a simple and effective application that allows users to take notes.

The difference between Pen&Paper and the other application is that application is elegantly and very simple to use. The user can just add notes, save or delete note and exit, you don’t need to spend hours to know how to use it: Pen&Paper is really effective. I tried to make « Pen&Paper » as simple and effective as possible.

            If you like Pen & Paper and want to support me, you can add or update a review on google play, thank you very much for your support.

 Pen&Paper on Google Play:

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