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     I’ve developed an interesting projects (academic and professional), so I decided to put them in my blog to get feedbacks from the visitors. It is a nice way to know people prospective and expand my skills, making the interfaces more user friendly. Furthermost these feedbacks would certainly help me in in developing my future projects with better quality and features.

I am working as a Freelancer “Mobile developer”, I help people who do have creative ideas but can’t implement them in their work. It is a good opportunity to meet different people and sometime with weird ideas. The best part of the work is, when I see customers getting excited, interested and impatient to see their application. Quiet Often I meet people having great ideas, self believes and wants to make money too, but most of them don’t know how to apply their ideas into creation, don’t know from where should they start and there I offer them my services to help them to reach their goal. Many times I feel surprised about the ideas because I find the project so interested, simple and easy, that I start questioning myself how come I never thought of this.

      So, I would like to exchange my projects with visitors to help me  enhance my skills and get more ideas, it will be nice to receive your message with feedbacks (comments, suggestions, etc) and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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