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what is Candy Selfies?

Welcome to Candy Selfies. Tired of setting your camera’s timer to take a nice selfie? Then having to run for a pose and wait, when you realize the photo is blurry and not good enough (which also means, you must start the process all over again) Well, Candy Selfies eliminates this process.

With Candy Selfies, you can specify the number of shots, gaps between shots, and other useful adjustments. Download the app today and get that perfect camera shot.

    • Easy to use controls
    • Ability to specify the total number of shots
    • Ability to specify the gap between shots
    • Front and rear camera options
    • No need for running around anymore
    • Plus more benefits…

Privacy Rules Mobile Application Google Play & AppStore

  1. Candy Selfies mobile application available on the Google Play and AppStore platforms. By downloading the application you accept the conditions relating to this mobile application, in particular access to the camera.
  2. Candy Selfies not collect any information about the user.
  3. Candy Selfies not have access to the internet and not transfer any data to another application or server.

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